Anesthesia Monitoring

Anesthesia MonitoringWhen a pet is placed under anesthesia at Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital every precaution is taken to make it the safest experience possible.  Each pet receives a physical examination by a veterinarian the morning the procedure is performed.  A licensed veterinary technician is assigned to care for the patient during the day and also performs a physical examination on the patient.  Medications needed for anesthesia are determined on an individual basis and designed for the unique needs of each patient.  Each patient has an IV catheter placed prior to anesthesia and is maintained on a warmed, balanced electrolyte solution during the anesthetic procedure.  Each pet is placed on a warming blanket to maintain ideal body temperature while under anesthesia.  Once the patient is under anesthesia, the patient is monitored continuously during the procedure.  A monitor is used to measure heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, temperature, CO2 level and oxygen level.  In addition to an anesthesia monitor, a dedicated licensed veterinary technician monitors the patient throughout the procedure.  The technician checks the readings on the monitor and assesses the status of the patient throughout the procedure.  With this type of hands on additional monitoring, it allows our veterinarians to fully focus on the procedure being performed.  At Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital, the safety and comfort of each pet is our main concern.

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