Animals and Art

Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital is so proud to have such a wonderful staff. We have two veterinary assistants, Courtney and Ana, who have a special flair for artistry. If there is ever a hospital project that requires creativity, Courtney and Ana are our go to gals!! For the past few years, this dynamic duo began a birthday tradition of drawing a special birthday poster to celebrate staff birthdays. Each poster is unique and symbolizes each employee’s personal interests and hobbies. The posters are drawn from scratch, no tracing and no stencils. These little treasures mean so much to us on our birthdays. Courtney and Ana are so thoughtful. They take their time designing the posters to reflect our individuality. It is so amazing to work with people who truly value getting to know one another. The next project on their list is an effort to create a Feline Friendly area for cats in our lobby. Thank you Courtney and Ana for bringing artistic expression and creative talent to our hospital!!