Bob and Buddy

In the summer of 2002, Bob survived a terrible auto accident and found himself in a wheelchair for over two years. It is uncanny how animals seem to find us when we need them the most. As Bob recovered from his accident, a stray cat arrived in his neighborhood. This friendly feline was known as the neighborhood cat burglar, entering homes through doggy doors, sampling water and food from left over dog dishes left outside of homes, and pillaging chow from any available source. Bob felt bad for the cat and started leaving fresh water and some snacks out for him to eat. Bob began laps around the block in his wheelchair and noticed that the cat would follow him and sit with him on the porch or the deck. Before long, Bob was leaving a food dish out and the cat seemed to be calling the porch home.  The homeless cat was now called Buddy.buddypicture2

Upon the arrival of winter, Bob provided a box with some towels to help keep Buddy warm. However, Buddy preferred the porch, where he found comfort on a chair cushion. Bob was now able to hold and pet Buddy. As the weather became colder and the snow began to fall, Bob was able to keep Buddy safe and warm in a dog crate inside the garage. In the mornings, Bob would let Buddy out, and he would bolt out into the neighborhood. Buddy eventually became comfortable enough to stay in the house, but still enjoyed the outdoors. Bob brought Buddy to see Dr. Scott here at Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital, where he received a complete spa package consisting of an examination, neutering and vaccinations. By 2003, Buddy was a permanent member of Bob’s family and a fully reformed indoor cat. Life was good for Buddy, and Bob began to heal from his accident with Buddy by his side.

Buddy came in yearly for his examinations and was very healthy. In 2012, Bob noticed that Buddy was losing some weight. He routinely weighed about 14 pounds, but had dwindled down to 9 pounds. Buddy was drinking more frequently and vomiting often. After a thorough examination, Dr. Scott recommended running some blood work on Buddy. His results came back reflecting stage 4 kidney failure. Bob thought that his time with Buddy would be cut short because of this sad news, but he was determined to help him live as long as possible. Dr. Scott devised a treatment plan that included medication, prescription cat food and daily subcutaneous fluids. Bob is consistent with Buddy’s treatment every day. He’s gotten so clever with the fluid injections that Buddy actually meows and paws at him to get his fluids. Buddy runs down the hall to the kitchen and sits in front of the cabinet where his treats are stored. Bob prepares Buddy’s drip line, puts his medication in a cat treat and after about 5 minutes his treatments are all done. fenkelbuddy

It has been almost 5 years since Buddy’s kidney failure diagnosis. Bob brings Buddy to visit Dr. Scott every 6 months, so that we can check his kidney values. Bob’s diligence along with regular examinations and lab testing has been instrumental in prolonging Buddy’s life. In Bob’s own words, “Buddy doesn’t even know he’s sick.” The pictures of Buddy in this blog were taken just a few weeks ago. Buddy looks fantastic!! We love you Buddy and Bob!! Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us!!!