Finding Sweet Pea – Microchip Your Pet

Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital has always been an advocate of microchipping our patients.  Our doctors and technicians are highly efficient at inserting the chips. Our front staff can assist in helping clients understand how to register their pets. We keep a database of different microchip companies available as resources for our clients, so they can register a newly adopted pet. All pets with microchips that come from adoption agencies and rescue organizations are entered into our database and recorded. Our hospital believes in doing all we can to help keep pets secure and safe with their families. 

In our day to day business, we sometimes get calls from people who have either lost or found pets. Our hospital has been a gateway for concerned citizens to stop by and scan for microchips on lost pets. When a lost pet comes to us, we act quickly and take these steps: scan the pet for a microchip; find the chip number; call the microchip company; obtain the owners information because they are registered; call the owner to tell them that their precious pet is safe and hanging out at our hospital. There’s nothing more gratifying than hearing the sigh of relief from owners that their pet is safe and sound at our hospital. Over the years, we have reunited many pets with their owners in our lobby. Microchips truly are an effective way of finding your lost pet. 

A couple months ago, tragedy hit home when the Hamann family lost their precious Orange Tabby cat, Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea snuck out when some workers were over their house. Dr. Scott and Dr. Corrina searched high and low for Sweet Pea, but she was nowhere to be found.  Every day and night, they looked for her. Their kids, Ben and Natalie were devastated, and Ben had a very special bond with Sweet Pea. After two weeks, there was still no sign of her. Ben was absolutely heartbroken and thought he had lost her forever. On the 17th day, Dr. Scott received an email and text from the microchip company informing him that Sweet Pea had been found. A client at Black Forest Veterinary Hospital found her and brought her to their animal hospital for scanning. Because the Hamann’s were registered, it was very easy for the microchip company to reach them. Sweet Pea was found 8 miles away from their home.  At last, Dr. Scott and Dr. Corrina were reunited with their precious Sweet Pea. Ben and Natalie were overjoyed to have their kitty cat back. 

Microchips can help keep pets and their families together.  Please call us to schedule an appointment for a microchip today. We hope that your pets never get lost, but in the event that it does happen, microchipping is the best way for your pets to find their way back to you.