Just Keep Swimming

Look out Micheal Phelps, here comes Hudson Kolk!! Hudson is one of our amazing patients here at Yorkshire. The Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital staff has known Hudson ever since he was a tiny puppy. He’s loving, loyal, smart, and has the longest and most luxurious eye lashes in all of Colorado Springs. He’s well versed in commands such as sit, stay, shake, and high fives. He can also ring a bell to let his owners know when he needs to use the bathroom.

Although Hudson grew up in Colorado and loves the mountains, he is a bona fide water dog and loves the beach. Hudson has been hiking with his parents, Jennifer and Brandon, ever since he was a youngster. “If there was water on the trails, Hudson was in it,” says Jennifer. Hudson enjoys traveling by car, train, or airplane and has many destinations stamped on his passport. If the Kolks are headed to a beach destination, Hudson is raring to go. Since it’s not practical to leave the mountains and fly to the beach all the time during the winter, Jennifer began her search for indoor dog swimming pools. She found Jaspers Splash Zone in Colorado Springs where Hudson began his professional swim career. The owner at Jaspers Splash Zone introduced Hudson to Dock Diving. Every weekend Hudson trains with Brandon and now he competes in the Dock Diving event at the Go Pro Mountain Games in Vail. Hudson just loves it, and he’s become quite the competitor. https://www.fox21news.com/sports/hudson-american-cocker-spaniel-and-athlete/1223676198

Hudson’s escapades continue as he embarks on two new adventures: obtaining his Canine Good Citizenship certification and becoming big brother to Greyson, his little human brother. The Good Citizenship Program is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. This program allows Hudson to receive elite behavioral training while providing Jennifer and Brandon the opportunity take responsible dog ownership to a higher level. Hudson also takes his job as big brother very seriously. Ever since Greyson was born, he prides himself on being his guardian and protector. As Greyson becomes more mobile, the two are learning to acclimate and Hudson is a ninja, as he adapts to Greyson’s unintentional hair pulling and inquisitive patting. 

Hudson is just a little over 4 years old and has lived a very full life. His achievements are exceptional especially after receiving a serious medical diagnosis in 2016. Hudson has a disease called Canine IMHA, Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. It is a medical condition where the immune system targets the red blood cells leading to the self-destruction of those cells. It can result in a significant decrease in the red blood cell number that can result in a life-threatening consequence. Jennifer and Brandon brought him in to the hospital because he had stopped eating and was very lethargic. Together, with Dr. Kelly Walsh and Dr. Corrina Hamann, Jennifer and Brandon have been diligent about treatment, and Hudson is doing much better now.  

Hudson is the embodiment of courage and absolutely lives life to the fullest. He’s a testament to us all that in spite of health challenges, nothing can stop him from doing what he loves. Hudson is an inspiration to all of us here at Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital and because of dogs like him, it makes us proud to work in veterinary medicine. We love you Hudson!!! Just keep swimming!!!