Life Lessons From Animals

In our tumultuous world of inequality and intolerance, animals can teach us about unconditional love, tenacity, and acceptance. The art of coexisting harmoniously together is exemplified in the Sullivan household. Jessica and Steve have a unique blend of pets all living under one roof together. 

Zach, their 13-year old Miniature Poodle, loves to sleep and enjoys back scratches from Steve. Zach has a special bond with Lexie.

Lexie, their 9-year old Pug/Chihuahua mix, loves to groom Zach incessantly. She has a festive bark and loves to play catch with Steve.

Max, their 12-year old Golden Retriever mix, loves to nosh on the rabbit’s treats. According to Jessica, Max likes to be outside in the backyard with the rabbits and loves to nuzzle up to their fluff bottoms with his cold, wet nose, and help himself to their indulgences. The rabbits don’t seem to mind sharing at all. Jessica stated, “Trix are for kids if you get my drift.”

Golden, their 14-year old Orange Tabby cat loves cantaloupe and is partial to Steve. It took her 5 years to warm up to Jessica. Golden has asthma and hates her inhaler. Of course, Jessica is the one to make sure that she gets her medication. Although Jessica is the cat nurse, Golden sneezes in Steve’s face and wakes HIM up in the morning. Maybe on some level, Golden appreciates Jessica’s help.

Sydney, their 13-year old Domestic Shorthair cat adores Jessica. She loves to cuddle and has a keen sense of knowing when Jessica isn’t feeling well or having a tough day. Her nickname is “Fat Cat” because she loves to eat all the time and howls like a coyote when she’s hungry. She loves her belly rubbed and is Jessica’s personal snuggle buddy.

Ears, their 4-year old Mini Lop Rabbit loves his bum scratched and gives the best kisses. He loves treats and begs for treats along side the dogs. He is affable and enjoys being handled by his humans. Ears enjoys attention and constantly teeth chatters, which is the bunny equivalent to cat purring. Jessica and Steve clean his eyes every morning without a fuss. Jessica and Steve are so clever to come up with such a cool name for a rabbit. 

Sunny Bunny, their 1-year old Florida White Rabbit is the newest member of the Sullivan clan. She’s adjusting to her new housemates and becomes more outgoing everyday. Cheerios are her favorite snack, and she loves to have her head rubbed.

The Sullivan household is unique because they intermingle all species together. All of the pets have an equal place in their home and hearts. Jessica says, “I go about my day to day duties and don’t realize how much work it is until my husband pointed out the short novel I wrote for our pet sitter. I don’t think a non-pet person would understand, but that’s okay, as it makes me who I am. It’s absolutely awesome to have so much character in one household. It’s also complete chaos at times, but they are all loved and deep down, they love it. Most of the time.”

Having a house full of pets isn’t always easy. There can be fights, tiffs, and arguments. However, somehow amongst all of the diversity, they have found love, friendship, and a profound respect for one another. It’s a wonderful illustration of unique individuals with different personalities and distinctive characteristics coexisting together. Animals teach us humans about tolerance, strength, and compassion. Thank you Jessica and Steve for sharing your story with us! All of the doctors and staff at Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital get so excited when you bring the pets in together. The picture below is our favorite and absolutely adorable.