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Just as humans need to brush their teeth everyday and visit their dentist regularly, pets need the same consistent care. An unkempt mouth can lead to infection and can cause more complicated medical issues for your pet. Chronic oral disease can spread bacteria to other parts of the body such as the lungs, heart, liver, and kidneys. Some of the signs that might indicate periodontal disease are bad breath, swollen gums, tartar build up, rubbing the face on the carpet and furniture, poor appetite, difficulty eating, growling or snapping due to pain, decreased activity, and sleeping a lot.  

boxer-dogYour pet’s teeth can accrue saliva, food particles, sugars and bacteria, this plaque develops into a hard, rough “tartar,” or calculus, which sticks resolutely to tooth surfaces and attracts an ever-increasing amount of bacteria. It also pries open new spaces between gums and teeth, allowing more bacteria to enter underneath the gum line. Bacteria can then eat away at the soft tissues and bone surrounding your pet’s tooth until the tooth either falls out or decays and our veterinarian must remove it. More obvious problems include chipped, broken or lost teeth. Dogs and cats can experience the same kind of toothache pain and discomfort as we do.  They just can’t communicate their feelings like humans, which means they usually experience pain for longer periods of time.

Comprehensive Dental Services at Our Animal Hospital

The veterinarians and technicians at Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital offer excellent dentistry services along with the knowledge and training to educate our clients on providing topnotch home care. We believe that optimum dental health can be reached through a combination of regular oral exams and professional cleanings, as well as preventative care at home.

Our dental health care providers want to work together with our clients to create a personalized dental health care program that will be successful for you and your pet. Good pet dentistry includes regular checkups and cleanings to remove tartar buildup and check for cavities, chipped or broken teeth or periodontal disease. We perform x-rays to look for problems inside the tooth or jaw, and if necessary we can extract a particularly troublesome tooth.

Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital, a Colorado Springs animal hospital, offers quality dental services such as soft tissue examinations, a complete oral health assessment, dental cleanings, juvenile dentistry, periodontal therapy and surgery, bonded sealants, home care coaching and education, and follow-up assessments to check for healing. Our doctors attend the prestigious dental forum every year to stay up-to-date on the latest dentistry trends. We also have certified veterinary technicians performing the dental cleanings. Our head technician, Kim, obtained her VTS in Dentistry and has been a leader in advocating and promoting dental health for our patients.

We believe that good oral hygiene starts with open communication, so our veterinary hospital offers free dental consultations and tours of our dental suite. All dental cleanings include digital dental radiographs, tooth-by-tooth assessments, and a certified veterinary technician monitoring patients during anesthesia. We are also advocates of pain management and offer pain medication and laser therapy to keep our patients comfortable.

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